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Adnan Talalini

Adnan Talalini

My name is Adnan born in Syria (Aleppo city) While studying I also use to guide tourist in our amazing old market in Aleppo. Fortunately guiding tourist in our wonderful old bazaar gave me the opportunity to learn much about our rich heritage. The untold value of the Heritage which we inherited from our ancestors is a treasure we have to preserve for our future generation. From here I started my career because I love art and I appreciate it. Read More...

ornina jewels


There are many ways people can do to express their love to their beloved, One of the ways is by giving special gift, The first thing see on the gift is the sincerity when giving the gift, Well, Are you intended to buy her jewelry? If you buy her gold jewelry, it has been too ordinary. What do you think with silver jewelry? There is no need for you to wander around, Ornina makes it so easy and Adnan designs makes it easier.

ornina for house


I would really advice to look at my collection, Looking at it is really part of the joy, Everyone deserves something unique, I guess you might find your inspiration here, with handmade artistic treasures, recycled art and more, My gallery is chock full of Syrian artisan handmade works and original items that were carefully chosen with you in mind. You are bound to find that something special for almost any occasion .

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